Sunday, May 30, 2010

Right and Left Brainiacs

For some reason the end of the school year (this has always been the case and is particularly true after graduating) leaves me in a right-brained renaissance where I just want to go outside, employ as many senses as I can, crawl up to interesting things and look at them as closely as possible or step back and view something I'd never seen as a whole. My guess is that it's a response to all the left-brained academic work I push myself to finish at the end of the year, the papers, the exams, the scheduling, the organizing, the deadlines at the end of the year. Yuck yuck yuck. I'm left turning in my paper and not remembering anything I do for about four days because half of my cranium is exhausted and needs a few weeks to recover, thus I follow some schedule my unconscious beams down to me from outer space, similar to what happened with the Power Rangers (wasn't that how it worked?).

Nevertheless, in my roaming the internet for some label in which hemisphere I use, here is the best test I've found that is free.

My results:
32% left brained- (most dominant to least dominant) symbolic, linear, verbal, reality-based, sequential, logical

68% right brained- (most dominant to least dominant) random, concrete, fantasy-oriented, intuitive, nonverbal, holistic

Take the test and post your results.


isaacjn1512 said...

Left Brain: 52%
Right Brain: 48%

Pretty down the middle...

estherrose2of8 said...

49% Left, 51% Right-- quite quite down the middle. But I would argue for the right side :). THis is interesting-

Left (Most to least dominant)-- linear (43%), logical, reality-based, verbal, sequential, symbolic (a stinky 9%).

Right (Most to least dom)-- concrete (46%), nonverbal, fantasy oriented, holistic, intuitive, random (12%).

I think it's interesting that for both hemispheres your number one strengths are my number one weaknesses (or dominant and not dominant, or however you want to look at it).