Monday, May 17, 2010

Robots and the Practical Use of Practical Jokes

Two things worth noting happened recently:

Robots are the ones who have made significant progress capping the oil spill, preventing it from causing more damage in the Gulf. Once again, pop culture is wrong. Robots are no threat to us. They are our friends. The fact that I don’t hear politicians debating this issue scares me.

Practical jokes are a big part of my family. There’s just something about playfully deceiving someone that gets a laugh like nothing else. The same tactic was employed this week by authorities sans the playful laughter afterwards. California police sent 2,700 letters and emails to family members of convicts who had broken parole and were suspected of committing further crimes. The emails said the authorities would strike a deal if they turned themselves in. The reward would be a two hundred dollar reward and entrance into an amnesty program forgiving them of any parole charges. One hundred and fifty men came in only find themselves handcuffed and arrested. Whoever thought of this deserves a medal.

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